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We specialize in firearms, jewelry, art, collectibles, automobiles.

We charge a low commission of 35%

(10% for automobiles)

No Additional Fees! 

We will research, Barcode tag each item, post your item on our website or online auction site,

collect payment and deliver the item to the customer.

Best of all, we will have a check and inventory list to you within

7 days!

Need the home cleared out right away?

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A New Era of Estate Liquidation 

We specialize in maximizing market value of your items by utilizing social media and niche specific websites, reaching a much wider buyer population. We make buying from an estate more accessible to those willing to pay a premium, yet our unique sale method still allows for immediate liquidation of an estate.


Research & Valuation 

This is an incredibly important step that many Estate liquidators spend far too little time on. The task of valuing every item in an average household is overwhelming, and often glossed-over by a couple of semi knowledgeable staff members. We at Ace of Estates fully expect to find a treasure in every house, of-course we don’t always do so, but you can rest assure nothing will get by us. We rely on a network of 12 different certified antique appraisers, experts, collectable authorities, jewelers, and art appraisers, all with different areas of expertise. We also subscribe to 4 different collectible & antique research data bases and have a library full of antique/collectible research books. 


Item Pricing and Market Reach Realities 

Your market reach truly determines what price you sell an item for. Most estate sale companies fail to reach a significant number of people who have interest in a specific item. In fact, a large majority of estate sale shoppers are re-sellers, not end-users. Thus, most estate sale companies price items well below marketplace value in an attempt to accommodate their buying clientele. We at Ace of Estates actively pursue end-user buyers who are more likely to purchase an item at a premium price. We take pride in our extensive client list of end user’s and collectors who are proven premium price buyers. 


Online Private Estate Sale Option 

Ace of Estates is fully capable of providing a complete online private sale. This is the perfect option for homes in gated communities, condominiums, or families who value their privacy. All items will be photographed and described. Bids can be placed by verified buyers. Appointments will be arranged for transaction completion and pick up of items. 


Immediate Cash Buy-Out Option

Ace of Estates has the resources to offer immediate buy-outs of any size estate. Our team of experts can quickly assess and appraise items with a cash offer offered within 24 hours in most cases. 



Ace of Estates works solely on commission. No hidden costs. We work on a lower percentage rate than all of our competitors because we know how to maximize gross sales. Simple, we are motived to get the most money for your estate because of our lean percentage rate.