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We are certified appraisers, with over 25 years experience in evaluating your items. We offer a no obligation, free in-home consultation.

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One of the biggest differences between Ace of Estates and the average estate liquidator is our wide range of options available to best suite your needs!




Immediate Cash Buy-Outs

Recently we have had many people inquire about full estate buy-outs. The advantages of this option are; ~the immediacy of the sale~ bypassing the associated problems of crowds~ maintaining personal privacy~ A lot less troublesome for out-of-state clients handling estates for loved ones~ and, of-course, having hard, cold, cash-in-hand is a great feeling. Ace of Estates is one of the few estate liquidation companies to offer this option because.

A) we have the available resources at hand to offer for any size estate.

B) Our team of experts can quickly, accurately, & thoroughly assess and appraise items within the estate .Because our buy-out offers are so generous, in-comparison to other liquidators, this option is becoming increasingly popular.


Traditional Estate Sale, with A Modern Twist

Traditional estate sales are successful in generating crowds and liquidating items, for one reason only; they price items at ridiculously low prices. In-fact, recent research determined 90% of all estate-sale shoppers are resellers. We offer traditional estate sales, yet actively pursue end-users who are more likely to pay premium prices. We utilize social media, various sales websites, niche specific websites, and rely on our extensive, time-honed client list of end user’s and collectors who are proven premium price buyers.We at Ace of Estates have successfully pushed the boundaries of our market reach, getting considerably more money for your items then other estate sale companies. A fact we are so confident in, that we work on a lower percentage rate than all of our competitors. Simple, we specialize in maximizing gross sales, so our percentage is less but are net is more, and everyone is happy. On-Site/Off-Site Live Auctions Certain estates are just better liquidated through live on-site/off-site auctions. It is an ideal way to maximize monitory value of large collections of rare items with ambiguous values. Ace of Estates can conduct large live auctions on location or in our available facility. We differ from other auction companies in our extensive advertising approach, using web and print based ads as well as utilization of social media, and niche specific websites. Again, our extensive client list of premium buyers also directly contributes to high end values. Also, we have the ability to simulcast live auction via webcast, extending our reaching to the corners of the world.


On-Line Auctions

On-line auctions have modernized the process in which we find buyers willing to pay top dollar for antiques and collectibles. Ace of Estates has over 15 years of experience with online consignment and sales and we have successfully shipped items to every major country in the world. Ace of Estates has an incredibly solid reputation on every major online sales site and a 4000+ client list of foreign and domestic buyers. Our widespread online dealings have taught the pitfalls and potential fraud threats inherent with this option; we have safeguards in place to ensure only safe transactions for our clients.


Private Estate Sale

Ace of Estates is fully capable of providing a complete online private sale. This is the perfect option for homes in gated communities, condominiums, or families who value their privacy. All items will be photographed and described. Bids can be placed by verified buyers. Appointments will be arranged for transaction completion and pick up of items.


Certified Antique & Personal Property Appraisals

Ace of Estate relies on a network of 12 different certified antique appraisers, experts, collectable authorities, jewelers, and art appraisers, all with different areas of expertise. We can accommodate appraisals for single or multiple items. Our Appraisals have been conducted for attorneys, CPAs, trustees, banks, fiduciaries, private individuals, insurance companies, corporations, military, government and non-profit clients.