Online Estate Sale "Buy It Now" Prices Will Be Revealed & Option To Purchase Items Will Be This Wed Dec. 2nd At 6pm.

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The online store above, representatives a small portion of items that will be at this sale!

You will want to attend this sale in person.

The In-Home Estate Sale will be, this Fri. & Sat.

Dec. 4th & 5th From 9am to 2pm.

Address will be posted here on Thurs. Dec 3rd.

We Look Forward To Seeing You All!

An amazing collection of many different items. This is a vintage  home with 40+ years of history to sell.. Only a small percentage of these items will be offered online.. We invite you to purchase items online ( starting Wed 12/2 6pm) and attend the live portion of the sale on Friday 12/4 & Saturday 12/5 9am to 2pm.. You are sure to find many more hidden gems!  Some highlights of this sale include;

Antique Oak Curved Glass Curio Cabinet  59.5x46x16in    HxWxD
Torchiere Floor Lamp    74in H x 18in Diameter  
10 Head Pond Lily  Table Lamp (Meyda Tiffany Copy)      24in H x 22in Diameter  
Tall Brushed Steel Floor Lamp           
Wrought Iron Bible Stand        35x23x15in      HxWxD
2pc Carved Wood Upholstered Chairs PAIR 39x28x17in      HxWxD
Tiffany Style Floor Lamp Cherry Blossom Stained Glass Shade     66in H x 18in Diameter  
2pc Vintage MCM Wrought Iron Plant Stands PAIR  28in H x 15x15in        HxWxD
8 Bird Modern Stained Glass Panel       10x25in 
Franklin Mint Indian Hunter John Weaver Bronze 1975     10.5x4x11.5in   HxWxD
AS-IS The Rattlesnake Frederic Remington Resin Statue   7x7x4in HxWxD
Top Collection Geronimo Going to Battle resin Statue    11x12x6in       HxWxD
Large Antique German Muller Volkstedt figurine "Dancing Lady" Dresden Porcelain Lace Figurine In Dome Display   Figurine: 6x8x5.5in     HxWxD
Wood Slate Insert Sofa Table    29x50x17in      HxWxD
AS-IS Antique German Muller Volkstedt figurine Dancer Dresden Porcelain Lace Figurine In Dome Display   6x4x2.5in       HxWxD
Antique German Muller Volkstedt figurine Dancer Dresden Porcelain Lace Figurine In Dome Display  #2     6x4.5x4in       HxWxD
2pc Vintage Upholstered Accent Chairs PAIR      37x27x34in      HxWxD
Seraphim Classics Heavenly Reflections Pond Set Complete Collection     10x23x13in      HxWxD
Seraphim Classics  Ashley with Bluebird of Happiness Angel Sculpture    12x7x7in        HxWxD
Seraphim Classics Hope Light in the Distance Angel Sculpture    12x8x6in        HxWxD
Seraphim Classics Chloe Natures Gift Angel Sculpture    12x6x5in        HxWxD
Seraphim Classics Vanessa Heavenly Maiden Angel Sculpture       12x6x5in        HxWxD
Seraphim Classics Leanne Nurturing Heart Angel Sculpture        8x7x4.5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Classics Rebecca Beautiful Dreamer Angel Sculpture     9.5x6x6in       HxWxD
Seraphim Classics Carley Make A Wish Angel Sculpture    7x7x4.5 HxWxD
Seraphim Classics Kendall Heavenly Warmth Angel Sculpture       7x6x6   HxWxD
Seraphim Angelica Heavenly Serenade Angel Sculpture     6.5x9.5x5.5     HxWxD
Seraphim Haley Joyful Soul Angel Sculpture      7.5x6x8in       HxWxD
Seraphim Song of Praise Angel Sculpture 8x6.5x4.5       HxWxD
Seraphim Destiny Angel Sculpture        7x6.5x4in       HxWxD
Seraphim Megan Heavens Scribe Angel Sculpture   6x7x4.5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Josephine Celebration of Peace Angel Sculpture 5x4x4.5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Rose Celebration Series w/ Pedestal Angel Sculpture    10x5x3in        HxWxD
Seraphim Lillian Nurturing Life Angel Sculpture 8x5x4in HxWxD
Seraphim Victoria Embrace Life Music Box Angel Sculpture        9.75x5.5x4in    HxWxD
Seraphim Michael Victorious  Angel Sculpture    8x5x3in HxWxD
Seraphim Allison Silver Lining w/ Garden Trellis        10x7x4in        HxWxD
Seraphim Once in a Lifetime Large Angel Sculpture       12x19x8in       HxWxD
Seraphim Teresa Easter Prayer Angel Sculpture   8x6.5x3.5in     HxWxD
Seraphim Olivia Music Box Angel Sculpture       6.5x5x4in       HxWxD
Seraphim Faith Hope Charity Angel Sculpture     8x5x4in HxWxD
Seraphim Glad Tidings Annunciation Angel Sculpture      8x5x5   HxWxD
Seraphim Melanie Love Everlasting Angel Sculpture       6x6x5.5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Sierra Natures Haven Angel Sculpture   7.5x5x5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Alexandria Endless Dreams Angel Sculpture      7.5x5.5x5in     HxWxD
Seraphim Dominique Simple Pleasures Angel Sculpture     6x6x4.5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Michelle Hope Blooms Angel Sculpture   7x5x5in HxWxD
Seraphim Abigail Precious Gift Angel Sculpture  7.5x7x3.5in     HxWxD
Seraphim Angels Touch Dedication Angel Sculpture        8x5x5in HxWxD
Seraphim Juliette Music’s Gift Angel Sculpture  5x8x3.5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Jessica Grateful Heart Angel Sculpture 5x8x5in HxWxD
Seraphim Patricia Summer Splendor Angel Sculpture       5x7.5x4.5in     HxWxD
Seraphim Joy Gift of Heaven Angel Sculpture     6x5.5x5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Phoebe Hearts Content Angel Sculpture  6.5x6x4.5in     HxWxD
Seraphim Eve Tender Heart Angel Sculpture       4.5x5.5x4.5in   HxWxD
Seraphim Memorial Angel Gods Care Angel Sculpture       8x4.5x3.5in     
Seraphim Claire Angel Friend Angel Sculpture    7.5x5x3in       HxWxD
Seraphim Melody Heavens Song Angel Sculpture    7.5x4.5x4in     HxWxD
Seraphim Samantha Blessed at Birth Angel Sculpture      7.5x5x4in       HxWxD
Seraphim Tess Tender One Angel Sculpture        5x4x4in HxWxD
Seraphim Raphael In Heavens Care Angel Sculpture        7.5x5x4.5in     HxWxD
Seraphim I Hope You Dance Angel Sculpture       7.5x5x4.5in     HxWxD
Seraphim Serenity Trusting Soul Angel Sculpture 6x6x4.5in       HxWxD
Seraphim Comforting Soul Protect Me Always Angel Sculpture      8x4x3in HxWxD
Seraphim Frances Gentle Guide Angel Sculpture   8x5.5x5.5in     HxWxD
Seraphim Bernadette Gentle Comfort Music Box    8x4.5x4.5in     HxWxD
Seraphim Gabriel Celestial Messenger Angel Sculpture    7.5x5x3in       HxWxD
Seraphim Crystal Winter Reverie Angel Sculpture 8x6x5in HxWxD
Seraphim Kayli Heavens Greetings Angel Sculpture        8x6x4in HxWxD
Seraphim Cymbeline Peacemaker Angel Sculpture   6.5x4.5x3in     HxWxD
Seraphim Brianna Angel with Piano Angel Sculpture       4x5x3.5in       HxWxD
Vintage Upholstered Channel Back Chair  36x29x29in      HxWxD
2pc Duxbury Windsor Fan Back Side Chairs PAIR   36x19x21in      HxWxD
Iron/Glass/Slate Dining Table w/ 6 Chairs       30x36x60in      HxWxD
*Original* AS-IS Don Ruffin Boat Harbor Painting        30.5x42.5x2in   HxWxD
Don Ruffin Native American Grandmother and Granddaughter Print on Board 28x22   
Don Ruffin Native American Woman Print on Board 27x21in 
Vintage Northern Furniture Nightstands  29.5x17.5x14.5in        HxWxD
Vintage Permacraft dresser/desk 34x33x18in      HxWxD
Rway Vintage 8-Drawer Dresser   36x60x21.5in    HxWxD
Susan Day Mother Baby  Bedtime Painting Art     31x26x2.5in     HxWxD
Thomas Kinkade Sunrise John 3:16 Framed Print   27.5x21.5in     HxWxD
Queen Bed Mattress/Boxspring/Headboard & Frame  53x66x84in      HxWxD
Thomas Kinkade Gardens Beyond Autumn Gate Framed/Matted Print   12.5x16in       
Thomas Kinkade The Forest Chapel Framed/Matted Print    12.5x16in       
Thomas Kinkade Glory of Evening Framed Matted Print     14.5x17.5in     
Thomas Kinkade The End of A perfect Day III Framed Matted Print 14.5x17.5in     
Thomas Kinkade Sweetheart Cottage Framed Matted Print   16x12.5in       
Thomas Kinkade Cottage by the Sea Framed Matted Print   14x17.5in       
2pc Antique Porcelain Kissing Figural Lamps PAIR        24in H x 12in Diameter  
Thomas Kinkade Sunrise Clock    9in H x 6in Diameter    
3 Head Pond Lily lamp Modern Production 22x24x20in      HxWxD
Ruby Red Quilt Shade Oil Lamp hand painted      19in H x 11in Diameter  
Corinthian Column Lamp Single   31in H x 14in Diameter  
Vintage Walnut Frame Mirror     37x41.5x1.5in   HxWxD
Oak Frame Country Faux Stained Glass Mirror     32x21x.5in      HxWxD
Seashell Art Flower Shadow box Art      24x11.5x3in     HxWxD
Rolling Sewing/Craft Cart Storage Organizer     37x20.5x41-67in HxWxD
Disney Bambi Thumper Mattel Plush Toy in box    14x9x7.5in      HxWxD
Thomas Kinkade Train Tree Wonderland Express    16in H  
Bradford Exchange Harry Potter Hogwarts Train Station Hawthorne Village 5x7.5x3.5in     HxWxD
Bradford Exchange  Harry Potter Shrieking Shack Hawthorne Village       7x5x3.5in       HxWxD
Thomas Kinkade Santa's Inspiration Christmas Village    9.5x17x6in      HxWxD
Bradford Exchange Harry Potter Hog's Head Inn Hawthorne Village 6.25x6x3.5in    HxWxD
Harry Potter Zonko's Joke Shop Hawthorne Village        5.5x6x4in       HxWxD
Harry Potter Honeydukes 4.5x5.5x4in     HxWxD
Bradford Exchange Harry Potter Broomsticks Pub Hawthorn Village 4.5X5X5in       HxWxD
AS-IS Ceramic Nativity Set              
Gold Rush Express Train Set             
PS3 Modern Warfare 2 Goggles Prestige Edition           
Sharper Image SA260 CD Player           
Cannon Safe     32x25x21        HxWxD
T2581 4in BELT & 6in Disc Sander                
Husky Garage Work Center        61x54x24        HxWxD
Vintage Gross Star Electric Iron                
Remington Rem-Riter Typewriter          
Remington Vintage Typewriter            
Craftsman Router Table          
Descoware Belgium Orange Cast Iron Enamel Dutch Oven            
Whirlpool EV150N Freezer                
DRIVE Walker            
Costway Folding Treadmill SP35309               
Vintage Levy Furniture Display Cabinet  65x39x14        HxWxD
Janome Jem Gold Sewing Machine          
Kenmore 7 Sewing Machine                
Char Broil Propane Fryer                
Oak dresser w/ Shelf    73x67x20in      HxWxD
Oak Tall Dresser/ Wardrobe      55x36x20in      HxWxD
Jewelry Cabinet 40x17x13in      HxWxD
Contemporary Glass Computer Desk        30x32x21in      HxWxD
Stetson 4x Beaver Cowboy Hat in Box     7 3/8   
The Saatva Company Full Size Bed        17x54x75in      HxWxD
Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera w/ Case              
White Bear Kachina Cayaditto    13in H  
Maiden Warrior Kachina Doll     13in H  
Polaroid 32in HD LCD TV 23x32x8in       HxWxD
Carved Wood Kachina     9.5in H 
Ahola Chief Kachina     9.5in H 
Carved Wood Kachina #2  7in H   
Sun Face Kachina Spencer        12in H  
Golden Eagle Kachina Spencer    12in H  
Gray Wolf Kachina Spencer       12in H  
White Owl Kachina Spencer       12in H  
18in Carl Winters Medicine Drum Horse Coming    18in Diameter   
3 Headed Native American Ceramic Vase/Jar       12x8x8  HxWxD
Olympus Stylus TG-3 Tough 16MP Digital Camera           
Topcon 87-205mm Lens Exakta             
*Original* Lorry Sonoran Desert Landscape Painting      24x30   
*Original* AEP Seaside Villa Painting   20x24   
Don Ruffin Native American Eagle Dancer Print Estate Signed     28x22   
*Signed* Clouds in Her Eyes JB 92 Artist Proof Framed Print     21x17   
Cowboy Golfer Framed Print Karen Rae    32x26   
*Signed* Woman of The Wind JB 92 Artist Proof Framed Print      21x17   
*Signed* Cowboy/Golf Pickup Framed Print Karen Rae      25x31   
*Signed* Thoughts of A Warrior JB 92 Artist Proof Framed Print  21x17   
Thomas Kinkade Evening Glow Framed Matted Print 14.5x17.5in     
Thomas Kinkade End of A perfect Day Framed Matted Print 14.5x17.5in     
Thomas Kinkade  Cottage By The Stream Framed Matted Print       14.5x17.5in     
Etching Market Place in Pavia Italy J Cassadei  14.5x12.5in     
Etching North Italian Landscape  J Cassadei     14.5x12.5in     
*ORIGINAL* Art Street Scene Painting    30x54.5in       
Moretta A Venetian Girl Etching After Fred Leighton uncoloured mezzotint by Samuel Cousins      28x22in 
Antique Mezzotint Fred Miller Engraver W. Wontner Etching       30x26in 
Vintage Bar     42x29x24in      HxWxD
Tradition German Mantle Clock 1050-020  12.5x9.5x5.5in  HxWxD
Zen Sand Garden 10x18x15in      HxWxD
*Original* Art Lady Portrait  Joyce Kroll       32x26in 
Antoine Gaymard Antique Mezzotint       29x24in 
*Signed* Thomas Kinkade The Night Before Christmas Framed Print Signed/Numbered 23x27in 
*Signed* Thomas Kinkade Victorian Autumn Framed Print Signed/Numbered   23x27in 
Thomas Kinkade The Light of Peace Framed Print  15x18in 
Thomas Kinkade Floral Entryway  15x18in 
Thomas Kinkade Swanbrooke Cottage Psalm 23      14.5x14.5in     HxWxD
Thomas Kinkade Clearing Storms Psalm 93:4       14.5x14.5in     HxWxD
Vintage Wood Frame Sofa 34x79x32        HxWxD
Singer Antique Cast Iron Treadle Base w/ Flagstone Top  29x27x18in      HxWxD
San Leandro Versailles Curio Cabinet    82x42x16in      HxWxD
Oak 4-Drawer File Cabinet       55x20x25.5in    HxWxD
Vintage Oak Cabinet     29.5x21.5x13in  HxWxD
Office Chair            
Modern Dark Wood Desk   30x54x24in      
Original Art Crashing Waves     20x24in HxWxD
Original Art Snowy Mountain     17x21in 
22in Pat Secrist Mylo 1993 Doll 22in long       
Duck House Heirloom Doll        18in h  
Marie Osmond Adora Belle of Freedom Doll NIB    16.5in H        
Marie Osmond Adora Belle Sweetheart Doll NIB            
Franklin Mint Heirloom Doll Gibson Girl 23in H  
Marie Osmond Tiny Tots 4 Doll Collection NIB            
Disney 7 Piece Dwarfs Desk Set          
Remington Rand Vintage Typewriter               
Kodak 3-A Folding Camera                
Mr Christmas Royal Marquee Carousel             
El Zaribah Jeweled Shriners Hat         
Antique Lake Painting Original          
Goldwaters Vintage Mink Fur Shawl               
White Corner Cabinet    24x75x13in      HxWxD
Side table/Cabinet              
White Country Cabinet Dry Sink  51x40x19in      HxWxD
Round Green Side table  28in H x 17in Diameter  
Antique Force Case Number Automatic Numbering Machine   18x6x5in        
25+ Hazel Atlas Grapevine Barware Glass Set             
Electric Fireplace Cabinet/Shelf        24x64x18in      HxWxD
Sharp 42IN LED 1080p TV LC-43LB481U             
9700-C Jensen Fireplace 40 x 46 x 13    HxWxD
Wood Tea Trolly bar Cart        28 x 22 x 32    HxWxD
Lifetime Glider  Bench          
Maytag Refrigerator AFD2535DEB  70 x 36 x 35    HxWxD
White China Cabinet     73 x 68 x 16    HxWxD
60+ piece Harmony House Mount Vernon China Set          
Fukagawa ARITA China Set                
Noritake MADERA China Set               
Wooden wall shelf 1of2  72x36x11        
Wooden wall shelf 2 of 2        72x36x11        
Bulova 14k White Gold & Diamond Watch   14k     
Vintage Italy 18k Gold .750 UNO 1 AR Bracelet UnoAErre  18k     
Vintage Zuni Ring Sterling Silver Turquoise Multi Stone Ring Signed AB Native American  1       
Vintage Native American Squash Blossom Necklace Turquoise Sterling Silver Signed        1       
Vintage Zuni Sunface Ring Mother of Pearl Turquoise Sterling Silver     1       
Vintage Navajo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Sterling Silver Pendant Signed Al Yazzie     1       
LEE EDAAKIE Zuni Multi Gemstone Mosaic Ring Vintage Signed      1       
ZUNI ECK Multi Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant Elecario & Cleo Kallestewa              
Coleman C.Co Black Hills 10k Gold Onyx Pendant  10k/.925        
Sterling Silver & Amber Pendant Signed  1       
Zuni Sterling Silver Muti Gemstone Ring Signed Sunburst M       1       
Zuni Sterling Silver & Turquoise Inlay Ring     1       
Native American Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Ring    1       
Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite Pendant   1       
Sterling Silver Thailand Dragon Jade Pendant    1       
14k Gold Nugget Bracelet 6.5in Ladies   14k     
24in 18k Gold 2mm Rope Necklace 18k     
14k Rose Gold 7.5in Bracelet    14k     
14k Gold Hinged Bangle Bracelet  SZ 7   14K     
14k Gold Marquise Multi-Gemstone Bracelet SZ 7  14k     
Native American Vintage Zuni Fetish Necklace 3-Strand           
10k White/Yellow Gold & Diamond Bracelet        10k     
14k Gold & Diamond Tennis Bracelet SZ 7.5       14k     
14k Gold & Diamond Ring SZ 6.75 14k     
14k White Gold & Diamond  Fritz Rossier Vintage Art Deco Ring SZ 5.5    14k     
10k Gold, Garnet & Diamond Ring SZ 7.25 10k     
14k Gold & Diamond Cross Pendant w/ Necklace    14k     
18k White/Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Italy SZ 6.5 18k     
Vintage Native American Turquoise Nugget Shell Heishi Necklace          
MCM Matisse Copper & Enamel Peter Pan set Necklace/Bracelet/ Earrings           
Antique Art Deco Platinum Diamond Wedding Set Engagement Ring Wedding Band      PT      
Antique Art Deco Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring SZ 5.5        PT      
Sterling Silver Mexico Dragonfly Brooch TP-83   1       
Native American 5-Strand Red Coral & Shell Necklace 27in                
18k Gold Yellow/White/Rose Tri-Color Bracelet SZ 7.5    18k     
Navajo Turquoise Sterling Silver Cluster Earrings PAIR          
Navajo Turquoise Sterling Silver Cluster Earrings Squash Blossom PAIR           
Native American Red Coral Branch Necklace 27in          
Native American Coral MOP Sterling 3-Strand Bead Necklace               
10k Yellow/Rose Gold Angel Pendant      10k     
10k Yellow/Rose Gold Cross Pendant      10k     
14k Gold 24in Rope Necklace     14k     
Sterling Silver Butterfly Pendant       1       
14k Gold 21in Rope Necklace Diamond Cut 14k     
10k Gold Blue Topaz Ring SZ 7 CJC       10k     
14k Gold Cameo Ring SZ 6.25     14k     
10k Yellow/Rose Gold Leaf Ring SZ 6     10k     
14k Gold Citrine Ring SZ 7.25   14k     
14k Gold Pink Tourmaline & Topaz Ring SZ 6      14k     
10k White Gold Multi-Gemstone Ring SZ 6.75      10k     
14k Gold Pearl Cluster Cocktail Ring SZ 7.25    14k     
10k Gold Heart Pendant & Necklace       10k     
10k Gold Diamond & Garnet Cluster Ring SZ 6     10k     
10k Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Ring SZ 7 10k     
14k Gold 7 Diamond Ring SZ 5    14k     
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital Tiffany & Co Pin 18k/925        .925/18k        
Silver & Turquoise Navajo Watch Band Tips Vintage Signed                
18k Gold Necklace & Garnet/Diamond Pendant      18k     
14k Gold Diamon Pendant & Necklace 20in 14k     
14k Gold Peridot & Diamond Heart Pendant        14k     
18k Gold Cameo Earrings 18k     
Silver Multi Stone Zuni Watch Band Tips Vintage Signed CS Lonjose               
14k Gold Beverly Hills Gold Heart Pendant       14k     
Trifari Silver Tone Vintage Leaf Necklace Choker                
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