Care, Compassion, Ethics & Integrity

At Ace of Estates we understand that oftentimes when a family is in the process of selling off possessions, it is usually in a time of despair or loss. We are mindful that a sale is secondary to the more important things in life. We make this time of transition as easy and painless as possible. We are here to help by eliminating the burden of a sale. 

Full Inventory & Barcode POS System

We utilize a modern POS system that incorporates a barcode based inventory tracking from inception to sale . You will be provided a printout of all sold items at the conclusion of the sale. 


Marketing in the Internet Age

  With a background in internet marketing it is easy to see the missteps of other estate liquidators. Ace of Estates has what is known as a 360° digital marketing strategy. In a nutshell we get more eyes on your items, more people to our sales, and more money in your pocket.